DID YOU KNOW? Around 2.3 million square feet of commercial office lease space was signed in New York City in the month of July, the highest in 6 months, including space for Facebook, Microsoft, AIG and BNP Paribas. Facebook alone has signed on nearly 3 million square feet in New York City in the past year, adding over 730,000sf in the past month alone. New York just announced that schools will be re-opening this Fall.

"Money isn’t primarily a store of value.

Money is a conduit of emotion and ego,

carrying hopes and fears, dreams and

heartbreak, confidence and surprise, envy

and regret."
 - Morgan Housel

DID YOU KNOW? As the S&P 500 approaches fresh highs, some investors hope to pick up bargains in the battered U.S. real estate sector, where values of some major stocks have been cut in half this year. Sounds like bargain territory to me! (Reuters)

DID YOU KNOW? The Brightline train began operating in South Florida in early 2018 and, while operations are suspended now because of the pandemic, is scheduled to start service to Orlando’s airport in 2022. The VIRGIN brand will no longer be associated with this train.

"The 1918 flu killed more people than the

first world war; try and find a memorial

commemorating its heroes or victims.

People remember what is glorious, not

what is important."
 - Robert Armstrong (FT)